NUS Nursing Center Launches Cartoon Novels to Let the Public Know About Nursing Industry

's novel, called "Licence to Care", was launched by the Lee Chan Aili Nursing Center of the National University of Singapore at the recent International Nurses' Day.

University, said: "We hope that through these two cartoons, readers can have a deeper understanding of the harvest, joy and struggle of the students in the medical course."

book describes the hardships faced by the five students involved in assisting the front line due to the outbreak, as well as the misunderstanding of the community. However, in addition to anxiety, the characters in the story are also on their learning journey. There are many successful and happy moments, which fully demonstrate the life of nursing students.

to give the public a deeper understanding of the work of the nursing industry, the NUS Nursing Center has launched a comic novel about the challenges and gains faced by five NUS Nursing Center students.

novel was jointly created by author Shah (Lydia Shah) and illustrator Huang Zijian. Although the characters in the book are all fictional, the content is adapted from the real experiences of students and alumni of the NUS Nursing Center.

, he also said that this book is a gift to nurses who are selfless and caring for patients around the world.

National University Nursing Center, said: "This book was created at a very timely time during the coronary disease epidemic, after all, the epidemic has magnified the psychological problems and social prejudices that nurses have already faced. During the epidemic, nurses worked hard in hospitals and were sometimes abused by some members of the public, and even their closest relatives avoided them."

this novel is the second volume in the comic novel series launched by the National University Yang Luling Medical College. The first volume, published in February last year, tells the story of five medical students supporting each other on their difficult journey to study medicine.