• 42 Books Selected as "China's Good Books" in 2021"

    Under the guidance of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the 2021 "Good Chinese Books" organized by the China Book Review Society was announced a few days ago. A total of 42 books were selected. Among them, there are 2 annual honorary books, 9 thematic publications, 8 humanities and social sciences, 14 literature and art, 4 popular science and life, and 5 children.

    4 2024-04-23
  • Thoroughly Implement the "Opinions" of the Two Offices and Innovate to Promote the Intelligent Development of Ancient Books in the New Era

    Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Work of Ancient Books in the New Era" (referred to as the "Opinions"), emphasizing the need to "play the supporting role of scientific and technological protection, promote breakthroughs in key technologies for the protection of ancient books and the research and development of restoration equipment." Carry out research and practi

    6 2024-04-23
  • "Excerpts from Xi Jinping's Excerpts on Respect and Protection of Human Rights" was published in English and Chinese

    Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, May 18. The English-Chinese version of "Excerpts from Xi Jinping's Excerpts on Respect and Protection of Human Rights" translated by the Central Party History and Literature Research Institute of the Communist Party of China was recently published by the Central Compilation and Translation Press.

    6 2024-04-23