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"Love Warming the World"

Author: Yu Yuhua



War of Resistance Against Japan, the Japanese army invaded and the current situation was turbulent. Chuan Changjiang Bucheng successively adopted four babies who were placed in a wooden basin because their parents were unable to support him. From this, the story officially began. The baby's biological parents, the young men and women who came to make a living, the Jiang family daughter who has been separated for many years, the innocent girl who is eager to save her mother's identity, and the feng shui master who broke into the enemy's army under the guise of "fortune-telling metaphysics" ...... They gathered in the Jiang Minglun, gathered in the Jiang family compound, they have a glimmer of heart, not afraid of sacrifice, and. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the wavering of the ship's Yangtze River step under the temptation of power and interests pushed the story to another climax ...... The story revolves around the small Jiang Ming ship and the small Jiang family compound, which reflects the patriotic children's determination to unswervingly support the motherland under the background of the times, and composes a patriotic ode in this land they love and in the turbulent sea.