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"Looking Back at Your Shadow"

by Minzi


this autobiographical novel is written along my personal life track, professional experience and what I have seen and heard. It records the past sixty years of its own calm but ups and downs, and records the mental journey and heartfelt words of an old man in sixties.

the people and things I have met in my life are very ordinary and ordinary, but in retrospect they are heavy. Ordinary does not mean mediocrity, and unforgettable things will happen. Ordinary people are not ordinary, because there is experience to have a story, so it is worth writing.

according to the theory of cycle, life has reincarnation, and the current life is meaningful. Looking back on my life, there is basically a node and a turning point every ten years.

book is written by combining one's own personal experience with the compilation of stories. If a story once happened to you, it is just a coincidence plot or case. The compilation of stories is fictional. If there is any resemblance, it is just a coincidence.

to protect personal privacy, the names of the protagonists and other characters in this book are pseudonyms, and some of the characters and stories in this book are purely fictitious.