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"Ancient and Modern Luoyang Dialect"

by: Luo Pu



's love for ancient Chinese culture and the original intention of carrying forward and inheriting "dialect culture", while learning, sorting, and appreciating, after a lot of collection, sorting, checking, and screening work, the title was finally edited. A collection of essays of "Ancient and Modern Luoyang Dialects. The book contains tens of thousands of original "Luoyang Dialect" dialect entries, divided into seven chapters and forty sections, about 96,000 words. The text annotations in the book are mainly derived from "Shuowen Jiezi", "Cihai", "Xinhua Dictionary", "Modern Chinese Dictionary", "Humanistic China", "Five Thousand Years of China", "Idioms Allusions", "Baidu", "Douyin", "Hanyu Pinyin Plan", etc.